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Frequently asked questions about our airport transfer service to and from Salzburg Airport

I don't have a booking yet

Q: Will you drop me off at my hotel/accomodation/resort I enter in the booking form?
A: Yes, all our Salzburg Airport Transfers are door-to-door. We always transfer you directly to the address you mention in your booking. We drive you anywhere on the Island.

Q: Will other passengers be travelling with us in the vehicle?
A: No, the vehicle is exclusively for your use. provides private transfers only.  A private transfer means: no other passengers in the vehicle; door-to-door service, fix and all-inclusive price.

Q: When should I book my transfer with
A: We advice to book as soon as you can, but at least 24 hours in advance.

Q: How many luggages can we bring?
A: The luggage capacity of our vehicles is shown during online booking process. Just enter the number of passengers (including children and babies) on the first page and on the second page you will see the different vehicles. Choose the one that best suits your needs. Small items, like handbags, shopping bags do not need to be declared, you can keep them on your lap.

Q: I travel with a baby/child. Do you provide baby/child seats?
A: We have baby seats and child seats available. The request for the child and baby seats must be declared on the third page of the booking process, in the additional info box. In some very rare cases it may happen that due to some unforeseen reasons (e.g. vehicle substitution) we will not be able to provide a baby seat/child seat for you. If you are not willing to travel without a baby/child seat, we urge you to provide your own.

Q: What is the price of your transfer service to/from my hotel?
A: Please start to make your booking by selecting the route you need. In Step 2 of the online booking process you will see available vehicles and prices for your transfer.

Q: I cannot find my destination in your online booking system.
A: Please contact us and describe the service you need.

Q: Do you charge any extra for debit or credit card payments?
A: No, we do not charge any extra for debit or credit card payments. Please note: payment with credit/debit card (Visa Car, Mastercard, AMEX) is only possible in advance. In the vehicle to the driver you can only pay with cash.

I already have a booking

Q: Where will I meet the driver when I arrive?
A: Your driver will wait you at the arrival gate of Salzburg Airport. The arrival gate is inside the terminal, please do not go outside. The driver will hold a sign with your name.

Q: What can I do, if I cannot see my driver?
A: If you cannot locate or recognize your driver at Salzburg Airport or in the lobby of your hotel (or in some cases in front of the hotel), please call the emergency number immeditely. You can find the emergency number in your booking confirmation.

Q: What shall I do, if my flight has a delay and I arrive at Salzburg Airport later than the time I mentioned in my booking?
A: Flights are monitored for delays to ensure your driver will be waiting for you at the correct time. Anyway to help your driver's work in case your flight is announced to be late, please immediately inform your driver or the local dispatch center. You can find the emergency number on the booking confirmation, you receive instantly after you finished the online booking process.

Q: Can I get an invoice?
A: Yes. If you pay the transfer fee to the driver, please ask your driver to give you the invoice after your payment. If you pay the transfer fee along with your online booking process, the invoice is the booking confirmation email.

Q: I am a travel agent, I want to pay in advance for my clients. How can I do that?
A: We accept bank transfers (under special conditions) and debit or credit cards from travel agencies and tour operators.

Q: Do you deal with large groups?
A: We can provide minibuses and coaches for large groups upon request.

Q: When will the driver pick me up from my hotel?
A: In Step 3 of the online booking process you can select the requested pick up time from your hotel. The driver will pick you up at this time.